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H3C's leading information technology helps energy industries upgrade their levels of commercialization and automation. With its comprehensive product line and solutions for networking, security, servers, storage, cloud computing, big data, IoT and intelligent management centers, H3C helps energy companies improve their production and management capabilities and increase the speed at which they can assimilate information.

The Development and Application of Cloud Computing in the Power Industry The H3C Cloud Network Convergence Data Center Solution has opened up a new direction for the construction of power data centers in the future through innovative comprehensive virtualization, converged control and converged management, and it has also made full preparations for the implementation of cloud computing. Learn More
Solution for the Energy Internet The energy Internet is a new form of energy industry development that deeply integrates Internet and energy production, transmission, storage, and consumption along with the energy market. Learn More
Solution for Smart Gas Station It is imperative to construct a high security, high reliability and full service integrated information network for gas stations according to the existing service and the demand for future service. Learn More

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